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Imagine that carrying on and Harry's kids find out about it and they start doing it and one day Harry hears

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Disagree with age a like bit but this is his I imagine Teddy's relationship with everybody... Most the time.

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Obama's Last Pardon — SAVES Biggest 'Screw You' To Americans For Final Day

Obama’s Last Pardon — SAVES Biggest ‘Screw You’ To Americans For Final Day

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HAHA shadin' thrnselves ;P. No one disses Bangtan like Bangtan disses Bangtan

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Idiots! I, really, have no words. Pardon the language, I normally do not put language in a diary, but this image.. it explains conversations I have every. single. day.</p>

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The Mighty and Majestic Moose

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"Il n'y a qu'une seule manière d'aimer ses parents: tout leur pardonner, quoi qu'ils aient fait. Ensuite, il n'y a plus qu'à se pardonner soi-même de ne pas leur avoir pardonné plus tôt." Les Thanatonautes (1994) de Bernard Werber.

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