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Thirtieth President - Calvin Coolidge Nickname - “Silent Cal” He used the media to his advantage and was referred to as "the most photographed persons on earth."He


Thomas "Tad" Lincoln III - Fourth and youngest son of Abraham and Mary Lincoln. The nickname "Tad" was given to him by his father, who found him "as wiggly as a tadpole" when he was a baby. He had free run of the White House, and there are stories of him interrupting Presidential meetings, collecting animals, and charging visitors to see his father. He died at the age of 18 on July 15, 1871, in Chicago.


23.) Benjamin Harrison 1889-1893 Republican. August 20, 1833-March 13, 1901. VP - Levi P. Morton. Nickname - "Kid Gloves Harrison". Married Caroline Lavinia Scott on October 20, 1853 and later married Mary Scott Lord Dimmick on April 6, 1896. Salary $50,000 year.


George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885) Major general during the American Civil War. He organized the famous Army of the Potomac & served briefly as the general-in-chief of the Union Army. McClellan played an important role in raising a well-trained & organized army for the Union. Although he was meticulous in his planning & preparations, these characteristics may have hampered his ability to challenge aggressive opponents in a fast-moving battlefield environment.