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A reckless, petty man wants to engage in another nuclear arms race...what could go wrong?

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Remember how before the election Trump and his minion talked about how it would be rigged, and Trump has been calling to abolish the electoral college since at least 2012? And they even threatened to overthrow the govt if he lost? But now they're all like "fair is fair, get over it now that it's working in our favor!" And now Trump likes the electoral college? I remember.

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Trump's Family

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12 Moments of Right-Wing Horror and Absurdity in 2016 | Alternet

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C'mon, republicans? Don't sell your country.

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So, I've been listening to an audio book on the Presidental election of 1800... and the common villian to both candidates was Alexander Hamilton, so he's gotten a lot of real estate in th...

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