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10 Apps for Kids To Create Their Own Videos

Do you kids like to play with the cameras on your phones and tablets? Why not leverage their interest to build some learning into the fun? Here are 10 apps (many are even free) that teaches kids how to make movies and videos into stories and presentations with fun activities. Great way to learn photograph, presentation, and storytelling. Can be used in classroom, homeschool, or at home.


Bullying: This is a video that I used in my anti-bullying presentation. I think that this video very well explains the realities of bullying. It would be a good video to show to students to help them have a better understanding of what bullying is. 9977

Great presentation tips in this How To Make Your Message stick [INFOGRAPHIC] #marketing #nonprofit #presentation

Presentations Infographic: Making Your Message Stick


Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES Video Presentation

Here it is, the only audio or video response worksheet you will ever need.  Well, maybe that's a little presumptuous but this worksheet does have multiple applications and uses. It wouldn't hurt to have a class set of these on standby for those days when you end up watching a video or listening to a presentation. from