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Essential Items in Your Emergency Survival Kit - American Preppers Network : American Preppers Network

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It's not about paranoia, its about preparation. It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Here are some great starter ideas for quick-grab bags for emergency or 'bug-out' scenarios or just simply good ideas for camping necessities if you are going into the wilderness.

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Forum for Survival, Prepping, Preppers. Discuss Homesteading, Farming, Hunting, Food Storage, Firearms and more

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Five Dollar Preps - The goal of this thread is to demonstrate that prepping can be done on the cheap for about $ 5.00 per week. I do not think that I know anyone who could not spare five bucks per week to invest in the ability to feed yourself and your family in the event of being affected by some form of disaster.

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Wilderness Survival Forum join the site and get great info for all things survival and prep. Use this link

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