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Three ways to the ultimate thermal mass: From top, precast concrete units, composite slabs, shallow floors.

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It's a big step | these steps of precast concrete to look like real granite slabs. Concrete, stone and brick steps are usually found to be more durable than wood steps

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Tropical Landscape/Yard with Pathway, exterior stone floors, Cold Hardy Banana Tree, Oversize concrete pavers, Fence

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From molds inspired by outcrops on cliffs, steep hillsides, mountain ridges, river banks and other bedrock formations and protrusions, the 4 pieces — each have distinctive characteristics of their own

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A line drawing showing the components required to reduce termite risk. The floor slab and slab footing beam has slab edge insulation, which is then covered by termiticide vapour barrier that is continuous over the slab edge and underneath the wall. There is also sub-slab insulation. Where the wall sits on the slab, there is a 0.55 millimetre sheet of stainless steel weatherbreak and protection cover, which goes up in between the cladding and the insulated wall frame.

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Shell only $ 2700, bioniser filtration system ( no chemicals)$1700, interior pool finish around $ 1800. Sitting it on a existing concrete slab with 75 mm of gravel underneath

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