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Reading Prayer Times Android App - , Reading Prayer Times is the ultimate tool to get accurate timing for Reading, Berkshire.The prayer times in this application have been sourced from Reading's Central Masjid timetable.You have the ability to turn push notifications on or off for each prayer.

God, I'm Discouraged (Honest Prayer) - Dear God, I've seen your faithfulness in my life. And I thank you about that. I feel your call with a particular girl (name will not be identified). I am deeply discouraged Lord. You said that I would be a blessing in her life, and it seemed to have been true. But God, over the past two weeks, I've been discouraged because you seem to be keeping silent. Did I commit some sin Lord? Why are you so silent so suddenly? I'll admit I do have feelings for…

Dear God, please help me surrender my life to you so - Dear God, please help me surrender my life to you so I can investigate Christianity and the New Testament. Lord, please heal me completely, set me free from sexual sin and place a desire for you above all else. Also God, I messed up between a girl and me that I have feelings for. I acted outside your timetable and God and I ask for you to forgive me. Please give me and her a second chance. Whatever you will between us, so be it. I pray…

Hey U"#Beloveth. LOOK UP and behold. God is Your #strength. Believe See(#isaiah40:28-31). Let not your #heart be wearing. #faint Not.#today have a #little #faith #pray #prayers #praying. God has a #timetable for #Everyone and to #everything. He hath #created #favor. see(#Ecclesiastes3.) There's a #season and #time to every #purpose under the #Heaven. To God be #glory. . #Godneverfails #understandlife#understandGod#wordofGod#scriptures#wordoflife#Jesusname#holyspirit. by owentemito

We all know that we cannot put a timetable on God’s answering of our prayerful consideration, but we can trust that God gives us wisdom to make decisions in Christ-honoring ways. #discipleship #leadership #personalgrowth #coaching


Only God Knows.. Not Jesus.. Not the Angels.. Only God! If Jesus was our heavenly father Jehovah God.. dont you think it would say that Jesus would know?