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Prayer before work.


How To Turn You Car Into A War Room of Prayer in 6 Easy Steps


I worked on a special book for Dane for about 5/6 months before the wedding. It was filled with notes, longer letters, prayers, bible verses and pictures... OH and a page I practiced signing my new name off and on. To give that to him the day of the wedding and have my brother be the one to deliver it was perfect. This photo is courtesy of


Father I ask that you go before me and my grandson - Father I ask that you go before me and my grandson tomorrow at this school hearing, Please work this out in our favor, I give it all to you. Posted at: #pray #prayer #request #prayerrequest

Morning prayer before work Today I will remember to put you before all things. Lord before tiredness - you are energy Lord before stress - you are peace Lord before need - you are the gift Lord before decisions - you are truth Lord before toil - you are rest. Today I will remember to put your energy, your peace, your gift, your truth and your rest before my working day. That I may go not in my own strength but be led by your Spirit. Amen.

Please pray for me. I want a woman to - Please pray for me. I want a woman to marry. All the women I have loved before are a disappointment. Also help in pray for financial break through. I want GOD to blessvevery work of my hands. May GOD reachly bless you as you pray. Thank you. Posted at: #pray #prayer #request #prayerrequest

Dear Lord God of Hosts, thank You that You even think - Dear Lord God of Hosts, thank You that You even think of me. I am so wanting to complete the plan You laid before me and I am in need of Your direction, wisdom, knowledge,understanding, and provision to be able to do so. I also need to overcome fear of failing in this You and I are working together on. I am sorry for my failings in this and ask You to forgive me. Please place my feet on solid rock and please help me to draw in close and…

A Messianic Jewish Tefillah: The Birkat Kohanim: The Priestly Blessing to 10/3 - MitDavidDv A Messianic Jewish Tefillah Shalom Chaverim Toda raba for all of those of you that continue to intercede for me through this website. I am truly grateful to all of you that go before Yeshua HaMoshiach on my behalf. I have created this prayer request that I would like for you to use when interceding for me. May HaAdonai bless and keep you today and always. A Messianic Jewish Tefillah The Birkat…

Dear Heavenly Father, I bring my husband before you today asking that you would bless him and shape him into the man he was designed to be. Give him strength to lead our family, as Christ led the church with love and humility. Equip him with wisdom to make good decisions that are pleasing to you.