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LCD projector mount for cheapish...

How To Incorporate Audiovisuals With A Rental Projector:

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How to Create SVG Files for Cricut

How to use those free svg files on your Cricut -- hmm...wonder if this really works, that would be sweet!

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Media Powerpoint Template

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Information Overload is when you are trying to deal with more information than you are able to process to make sensible decisions. The result is either that you either delay making decisions, or that you make the wrong decisions.

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Reading Rotation Powerpoint for Centers & Guided Reading Bright Smiles Design


PowerPoint-Reformation Time Line - A ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation for pastors and teachers. Microsoft PowerPoint not included. Digital projector compatible. Teach audiences easily. Presentation includes: Illustrations of more than 30 events and people; Origins of Protestant doctrines; Map showing the spread of the Reformation; Family tree of Christian denominations; and History of Bible translation into the English language.