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from Berry

Remembering Joey and Chandler’s bromance on ‘Friends’ (26 photos)

Like the one I talked to the other day who said, "I don't take medication advice from nurses". Umm, okay dude. I just asked if you wanted to try something else because what the patient was on wasn't working. But way to be a stereotype.


I work so hard so I never have to be at the mercy of someone else's choices power trip or kindness! If You need an incentive to be successful and financially free then there most probably is no bigger incentive than being able to live life on your own terms and not be a victim of others people decisions. We have all been subject to someone else's decisions in our life time whether it's your boss or land lord or client and we've all had to suffer through certain things in our life simply…


Power Trip- J. Cole ft. Miguel... All time favorite song =) ❤❤ New Hip Hop Beats Uploaded


Luke Skywalker wanted to go to Toche Station to pick up some power converters but instead the entire plot of Star Wars happened and that's basically like having your #1 goal being a trip to Home Depot and instead you get Harrison Ford and religion.