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Tips for Being Prepared For a Power Outage

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How to survive 3 days without power

How to prepare for a power outage | Survive a power outage | Power outage preparedness

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How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit

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Power Outage Kit for Kids

Power Outage Kit for Kids - Do you have a power outage kit for your kids? Check out our tips on what to put in yours to be prepared for when the power goes out! #BringingInnovation [ad]

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Whether you lose power from a hurricane, wind storm, downed tree, or flood, food safety during severe weather is important. If your power goes out, you should know how to keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer safe. Follow these easy steps to save money and keep your family safe from food poisoning.

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How to charge your cell phone off your land line if the power is out. photo credit DIYHacksAndHowTos

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How To Stock a Real Food Emergency Kit

Are you prepared for an Emergency? Head over to learn how to stock your emergency kit with Real Food. FREE DOWNLOADABLE Menu and companion Food Shopping List Included.

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