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7 LEGO Power Miners Magma Mech (8189): Toys & Games


Lego Power Miners 10 Crystals in 5 Difrent Coulors by LEGO. $11.27. Approx. 1/2 inch tall/Choking Hazard for Children 3 and Under. Lego Power Miners Crystals. Fits inside Lego Rock Monster Minifigures Mouth. Set of 10 Crystals in 5 different colors as shown in picture. Colors included are 2 Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue, 2 Orange, 2 Neon Green (Looks Yellow). Lego Power Miners Crystals set of 10 Crystals in 5 different colors as shown in picture. Colors included are 2 Red, 2 Green, 2 B...


LEGO Power Miners Monster Burp - YouTube


LEGO Power Miners Mine Mech (8957) by LEGO. $41.25. Includes miner, rock monster and accessories. Combine with No.8956 Stone Chopper to build the Cave Cutter. Features spinning saw blade, claw arm, moveable legs to walk or pose model and opening cockpit. Rock Monster head opens. Contains 67 pieces. From the Manufacturer The one-of-a-kind Mine Mech is an experimental mining walker built to go where the other Power Miners vehicles can’t. The enhan...


Lego Power Miners.... its always amused me that since you were 6 you could put these lego sets together in the shortest amount of time.... I love that you love these still.... I love how your mind works...


Rock Monster Meltrox (Trans-Red) – LEGO Power Miners 1 3/8″ Figure

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LEGO Power Miners Thunder Driller Set #8960

LEGO Power Miners Set #8960 Thunder Driller


LEGO Power Miners Exclusive Limited Edition Set #8708 Cave Crusher by LEGO. $157.95. Battle beneath the earth! The Power Miners can grind through granite with the Cave Crusher's spinning front blades, flamethrower, and drill station. When rock monsters attack, the Cave Crusher's saw blades can be launched at the enemy. Includes two Power Miners and rock monster. Includes 1 red rock-throwing monster and 2 minifigures: 1 engineer and 1 Power Miner! Accessories include...