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The Key to Losing Weight (The Lose It App

INFOGRAPHIC: HOW MUCH IS A POUND OF FAT? 3500 kcal. If your goals for the new year look anything like the rest of Americas, then theres a good chance you want to lose a few pounds. What will it take to lose the weight? The numbers might surprise you. To lose just 1 pound of fat, you have to burn about 3,500 calories.


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I always imagine this in my head since learning about it in Health Class. Glad I've lost 17lbs of that fat in the last 10 weeks :)


Week 6 Doing Cinch at Work

@Harpreet Singh Styles Has helped me get motivated with losing weight and working out more than anyone in my life right now. If you see this Harry, Thank You So Much :) It really means a lot ❤, And I Love You for being a bright light in my life right now.


101 Ways to Lose a Pound

100 ways to burn one pound of fat with how much you need to do each exercise


Many people don’t understand that there is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. If they don’t completely see how there is a difference, they may assume that the only way to get into s...


My son Gib and I working out before the concert. A pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a pound of fat, so it’s a good idea to do things that’ll build muscle as well as get your heart pumping. It can be anything from lifting weights to cleaning out the attic. Losing as little as 2% of your body weight drastically reduces your risk of chronic illness. That means that a 200 pound man can increase his life expectancy by dropping just four pounds. So, get moving!

Ever stepped on the scales and immediately become disheartened when you see a loss of ‘only’ 1lb? Well don’t be! According to this infographic, losing 1lb of fat equates to burning a whopping 3,500 calories! That’s approximately 13 hours of walking or just over 4 hours of running or cycling. So next time you weigh yourself and see a loss of 1lb, pat yourself on the back for a well deserved “well done”. :)

Eww this is 20 pounds of fat! Stay motivated to lose weight; who wants this in their body?


Last week we posted about what one pound of fat looks like. And this is supposed to be five pounds. Such a large amount so "just" losing five is a hella huge accomplishment!!