How to Potty Train a 20 month Old Boy - Before you start potty training, save yourself the stress, and read this first! I used this method for both my kids and it really works for potty training boys, but of course you can use it for potty training girls too. This explains everything from the night-before preparation, to ditching the diapers the first day, and self-initiation. This method of potty training works great for kids as young as 20 months and on up.

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How to Potty Train a BOY with ZERO readiness signs in 1 Week. It can be done!! This is how I did it! Potty training doesn't have to take forever or be awful!

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Those of you who aren't currently potty training a child might not look upon this list with the same glee as the parents of a three-year-old boy who refuses to pee anywhere except in his diaper or off the back deck. Um, not that I've been there... but if

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If you've tried everything with potty training your toddler or preschooler, you've followed all the potty training tips, and you're stuck, you may be making some common potty training mistakes. I made many of these mistakes and decided to open up and share them with fellow parents who are struggling to toilet train a three year old. These parenting tips apply to potty training boys and girls!

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Potty Training Tips do some research (check Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy). Tailor training for your kid (visual/verbal/treats,etc). Expect set-backs. Reward with praise and incentives. Don't force it, wait for signs they are ready.

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Great blog about how a mom potty trained within one weekend! Great ideas also, she had a “potty chart” and “potty toys” that worked great for her 2.5 year old son. Awesome read to get some inspiration on what may work for your child! #pottytraining #moms #toddlers

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"How To Potty Train A Boy In A Day" Really! One funny story. (But it worked!) Read it and more on family humor blog,

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