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from Project Potty Training

The best potty training tips for girls. Learn the easiest, most relaxing way to teach your daughter how to use the potty. Battle tested tips for toilet training girls.

Potty Training Girls Age 3 Years | I was about to pull my hair out trying to potty train my 3 and ½ year old daughter. I made many, many, mistakes before I had my "Ah Ha" moment. Potty training your toddler can be a stress free process if you try to stay positive and do not give up. Learn More


Potty Training Age - Is Your Toddler Old Enough The first question most parents ask when considering toilet training is “what is the right potty training age?” This is a crucial question; get this wrong and both you and your child will end up frustrated for months or even longer. A toddler who is not ready to be potty trained will...[Read More About Toddler Potty Training Tips at