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Crock Pot Shrimp Fra Diavolo with Angel Hair Pasta

Since all but one burner is broken on my stovetop, I've been getting creative with my crockpot. When I planned to make Shrimp Fra Diavolo, my first thought was, "Seafood in the crock pot? Shrimp in...

Potted Shrimp Having fresh, hot toast on hand is essential when serving potted shrimp so that the butter will begin to soften and melt once it hits the toast.

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An English Canape: Potted Shrimp for a Simple, Elegant Starter

A once-common feature at English teas was a ramekin of seasoned shrimp or mushrooms - referred to as either potted shrimp or potted mushrooms.


Potted Shrimps for a Traditional Yorkshire Shrimp Tea

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How to cook perfect potted shrimps

Nigella Lawson recommends it, so that's good enough for me, although I've never heard of potted shrimp. Florence White potted shrimps