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Sweet vs Regular Potatoes: Which Are REALLY Healthier?

Sweet vs Regular Potatoes: Which Are REALLY Healthier?

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Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts PLUS Benefits -

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Sweet potatoes and yams are often used interchangeably in recipes, but most don't realize there are significant nutritional differences between the two. While both are good for you, sweet potatoes contain higher doses nutrients.

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9 Foods You Already Eat That Are Awesome for Your Health

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10 Best Gluten free & Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes

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6 Sweet Potato facts from Natural News -- High in nutritional value (vitamins A and C and calcium), low Glycemic, accessing nutritional benefits is east, good for your skin, can alleviate muscle cramps, easy to grow in your garden.

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Weird yet useful facts

Weird yet useful facts

heh these are kind of weird. and i didn't know that about the showers i do that a lot just because i don't know why. there's nothing here about how to make your stomach not growl when you're hungry lol. everytime i ask people they say "eat" (lavander)

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Read up on why you should include sweet potatoes in your diet! They are more than just a Thanksgiving dish!

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