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Blue mountain wall art, art print, watercolor poster, nature print, modern blue print, home wall decor, apartment wall art, poster, gift

Modern watercolor blue mountain wall art print, nature design, home wall decor, apartment wall art, gift, poster, painting


Sharpie Poster Paint acrylic paint markers for detailed designs on paper, plastic, glass and wood. Markers are $2 each and come in fine and medium tips.


Splatter Painting with stencils Messy but a lot of creative fun. Think of a theme to follow like space and rockets You will need: : Think of a theme to follow like space and rockets. Have children cut basic shapes from light card. Like circles, stars, moons and rockets. : Tempera Poster paint in bold colours. : An old tooth brush : Sheets of paper. : Apron and sheets of newspapers – plus paper towels – for clean-up.


Day 30: Use an old shoebox and some poster paints to make a marbles game for kids. Have a family tournament! #31daysofFUN


paint the entire piece anchor grey and then silver leaf the raised areas, touch up all the silver leaf boo-boos, then hit it with some antiquing glaze and clear wax to seal it. Wait 1-3 hours until it's tacky, then apply the silver leaf, let that dry over night and then use a dark glaze to age the piece, it makes all the difference in the world !!


Jelly Fish Galaxy by j-b0x on deviantART (white watercolour pencil, white poster paint, white watercolour ink & white pen on black paper)