Lognormal - for data with positive skew. This requires 3 parameters: shape, scale (median), shift. Higher shape value means distribution shifts to left and skewness increases.

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Skewed Distribution - great visual for students of what the distribution might look like when the mean and median differ.

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You'll drive yourself crazy trying to control something that isn't yours to control. Let go. Free yourself. Allow your mind and energy to focus on something positive… to build something beautiful. - Steve Maraboli

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How to calculate skewness in the distribution of a data set. Positive skew means the mode is left of the average and the longest tail is to the right. Negative skew means the mode is right of the average and the longest tail is on the left.

This chart shows rates of depression based on media usage. The positive skew shows a direct correlation in increased use of media and depression rates (findings).

The Skew Chisel with Allan Batty - Full Length Video from Craft Supplies USA - #allanbatty #woodturning #skewchisel

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Middle School Math Madness Game- Like Yahtzee but need green and red dice for positive and negative

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