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Positive Effects Of Alcohol

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In the news: Is hangover-free alcohol on the horizon?

This new substitute claims to mimic the positive effects of alcohol without the headache​​

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Hangover free alcohol is finally here

"'Hangover-free alcohol could replace all regular alcohol by 2050 says David Nutt"-AbortionistsForJesus. Postedby


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Do you know what to do to help someone suffering from alcohol poisoning?


Be careful not to over self medicate, and it's not always drugs or alcohol...ANYTHING can be addicting, if it eases the pain. Realize this and plan ahead by choosing some healthy walking, exercise, become a health nut, read, write, do something positive...anything positive, and make it a ritual! That's one way to beat it !

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Scientists Are Trying to Ruin Our Collective Wine Fun

Resveratrol is a compound in wine believed to be at least partially responsible for vino’s alleged health benefits. But resveratrol occurs in wine in low concentrations, and it’s not advisable to guzzle the stuff just for the polyphenols – evidence suggests that the harms of alcohol outweigh the positive effects of any beneficial compounds.


Last time, I shared the truth about Kombucha, one of the latest health food crazes. Unfortunately, it contains sugar and creates alcohol (yes, alcohol!), negating the positive effects of the probiotics in the effervescent tea. So today, I’ve got a delicious alternative for you. If you like the sweet, tart taste of Kombucha,... Read More

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Inspirational Quotes - From the Thought Proving, to the Entertaining!

Anger can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. When angry some feel a rush, a power they can control. If one feels powerless in their life, anger will be a temporary fix. Excessive anger can lead to health problems and will push people away. Learn to control it, before it controls you.


Click here for pictures of my class projects and more...! - Health Lesson Plans for Middle and High School Students

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Surprising Things I Learned After Giving Up Alcohol for 2 Months

Giving Up Alcohol: What I learned #health #personal #journeys