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Current Frame & Positive Reframe, You'll Love This!

This can be useful when documenting student strengths. Positive reframes _ LOVE this for looking for strengths in all children!


A Poster Is Worth 1,000 Words

"Kathleen’s poor grades hurt her self-esteem, so we decided to try ADHD medication. She was upset about the decision, so I printed out a list of famous inventors, musicians, artists, and athletes who were diagnosed with ADHD. She lit up." See how one creative momma harnessed this insight into some beautiful reminders of ADHD's special powers (available to purchase and hang, we might add).


This worksheet is designed to be used in couples counseling to emphasize the positive qualities of a relationship. Each individual should complete the worksheet, and then share their responses with their partner.


May the Friendship Be With You: Social Skills Activity

May the Friendship Be With You: Social Skills ActivityHelp early elementary students identify positive and negative characteristics of friendship. Sorting mats (Friendship Force/Dark Side) & 32 characteristics. Great for role-play and group discussions.