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This 'Portal' Painting Makes Your Office Look Boring

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GLaDOS are you ever going to let that go<<< well she did have to watch her defeat for "99999...." However long it was soooooo :/ but I still agree with you we did safe and help her in the end

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The robots in Portal 2 (and in some extend in Portal 1) are an example of playful interaction with a bugged design. Besides delivering an incredible story, the characterdesign of the robots is amazing and in-depth but... bugged.

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Meanwhile at Valve Headquarters

Portal (PC) es un juegazo creado por Valve Corporation que salió con la serie the orange box que ha gustado a bastante gente como a mi,tanto Portal como Portal 2 han sido unas grandes versiones,pero,¿habrá algun portal 3?

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GLaDOS Quotes | funny portal MY EDIT game valve GlaDOS portal 2 steam wheatley pc ...

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