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Now you can have the luxury of a big screen movie in the palm of your hand! With a portable HD projector for your iPhone you can use your phone to project movies on screens up to 60 inches! The sky is limit; just plug and play your movies on any blank wall. Hang a bed sheet outside and turn your backyard into a theater this summer, making memories for your kids that will last a lifetime!


Cheap Portable Projector Screen

I finally decided to upgrade from the sheet I had tacked to my wall. I had a small budget, and wanted to be able to take it down when I wasn't using it and this is what I came up with.

from Lifehacker

Make a Portable Projector Screen for Less Than Ten Bucks

If you regularly tear the wrinkled sheets off your bed to use them as a makeshift projector screen, it's time to upgrade. Make this portable screen on the cheap that stashes away in a closet til the next time you need it.

from GetdatGadget

The Cube Expands Your Phone Screen To 120 Inches

The Cube is a portable, powerful 2-inch projector that can transform the screen in your pocket into a larger-than-life, vibrant 120-inch display. The Cube is the missing link in mobile media.


Cheap Portable Projector Screen

to sit at home and watch slides of beautiful pieces of art and art history on a vintage or modern projector and screen is the ultimate luxury and one of my very big indulgences, loves, and ultimate passions :-) - Portable Projector Screen


Really loving the idea of a screen projector! I think it would be great to have something portable though - for nice outdoor movies :) Movie Night! Tiny trailer house.