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Heat up your parties with a portable pizza oven

Hello friday night football with homemade wood fire pizza with guests, trust me its the first on my list

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Portable pizza oven - CARAWELA - Portable wood fired pizza oven

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The Tuscan Series is a portable dual fuel oven that can be wheeled around easily. You can choose from a Tuscan or Terra Cotta oven. The open cedar cabinet will look great anywhere. On your patio or deck, around the pool, on the beach, roof top. It weighs less than 350lbs. It can be added to any one's outdoor living and entertaining area. Constructed to last generations. Forno de Pizza uses the latest technology and the best materials available. The lightest dual fuel oven in the market.

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You can now get portable pizza ovens - made of fibreglass. They are quite a bit more expensive and generally quite small, but good for smaller spaces.

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The Portable pizza oven MONTANA is ideal for a picnic or to go camping with you. Fits in the boot of any average car... It is also very handy to have at home!

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Great idea - easy, portable pizza oven. I think we would use this a lot if we had it at home.