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Play Carmen Sandiego on Facebook

Carmen Sandiego is a series of popular computer games that aim to educate players about geography. The browser based Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Facebook game is a remake of the original computer game of the same name. This...

1 Computer games along with lecture to challenging the brain once an assortment of options that tests your knowledge. Trivial Pursuit is a popular computer game where the buoyancy and graphics greatly resembles the real situation. Just bearing in mind the board game, you must combine applicable game pieces, Brainplus IQ which is practiced in the same heavens: giving true answers to corresponding colored trivia questions.

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Microsoft Buys the Company Behind Minecraft for $2.5 Billion

Microsoft has bought the company behind Minecraft, a massively popular computer game that has created its own subculture within the larger gaming community.

All the fun of the fair comes to Castle Casino slots with the exciting Carnival Cash. Packed full of iconic symbols, bonuses and wild cards; this game is fast and furious, you can almost smell the hot dogs! Three exclusive bonus games – Duck Hunter, Cash Track and Balloon Pop, based on the popular computer game, take you on to even bigger jackpots and you’ll keep coming back with such variation in game play.

Here is crazy game bugs and glitches compilation. Cool game fails, funny moments, glitches, bugs and lugs in games. Crazy game bugs and glitches compilation includes funny moments in mega popular computer games like: Far Cry, FIFA, Battlefield, GTA, Dota, Watch Dogs, Sniper Elite, Diablo, Team Fortress, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Portal, Mass Effect, Hitman, Crysis, Minecraft, Metro, BioShock, Dead Space, The Sims, Halo, Dragon Age, Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat, Skate and many other


Sim City and other Sims games in the series are among the most popular computer games on all time. They are enjoyed by millions around the globe and for good reason. The games are fun and have the unique twist that the fate of the little Sims characters is in your hands alone. The goal of The Sims is to direct the lives of the city dwellers in the game. Their actions and destiny is tied to the decisions you make in their daily lives.

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Robots Learn to Reason by Playing Minecraft

Minecraft Shows Robots How to Stop Dithering. ----------- A new approach to robot learning was tested in Minecraft, the popular open-ended computer game.

Plants vs Zombies Adventures is PopCap's facebook version of the popular computer game. PvZ features a game called "brain ball" that has taken...


Plants vs Zombies Adventures is PopCap's facebook version of the popular computer game. PvZ features a game called "brain ball" that has taken...


Image detail for -The phenomenally popular computer game Minecraft which attracted more than two million gamers worldwiide while still in its alpha state will go into beta on December ...