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POPCORN SALAD! 6 cups popped corn 1 c. diced celery 1/2 c. diced water chestnuts 3/4 cup fried & drained bacon, be sure its crisp 1/2 cup green onion, chopped 3/4 c. mayonnaise (not lite) 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese


Popcorn Salad - Ingredients: 1 Bag of Old Dutch White Gourmet Popcorn 2 Bunches of Green Onions, chopped 2 Cups of Celery, chopped 2 Cans of Sliced Water Chestnuts, chopped 2 lbs. of Cooked Bacon, crumbled Recipe Variations Mix mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar and set aside. In a large bowl mix together Old Dutch White Gourmet Popcorn, green onions, celery, bacon, and shredded cheese.


I must confess. I don't like salads. Let me clarify. I like mixed lettuce in a bowl with cheese, croutons, bacon, nuts, chicken and some dr...

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Minnesota Cooking: Popcorn Salad - The Salad with Crunch

This salad adds Cheddar Cheese popcorn for a sweet, salty, chewy, tangy, crunchy salad. Very popular at parties for your dish to pass option.

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"Dorito"-Flavored Popcorn (dairy free)

Love DORITOS®, but don't love the chemical ICK? This DORITO® Popcorn is the answer. It's dairy free and toxin free too and totally addictive. The seasoning is also great on kale chips, veggies, pasta, rice, salad - you name it.