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Pontiac's Rebellion occurred in 1763. During this revolt, the British took over their forts and wouldn't give them any supplies. Native American groups responded by attacking settlers and destroying British forts west of the Appalachians.


Full text of "The Indian wars of Pennsylvania : an account of the Indian events, in Pennsylvania, of the French and Indian war, Pontiac's war, Lord Dunmore's war, the revolutionary war, and the Indian uprising from 1789 to 1795 ; tragedies of the Pennsylvania frontier based primarily on the Penna. archives and colonial records / by C. Hale Sipe ; introduction by Dr. George P. Donehoo"


Literary Land Claims: The "Indian Land Question" from Pontiac's War to Attawapiskat (Paperback)

Literary Land Claims: The "Indian Land Question" from Pontiac's War to Attawapiskat


Pontiac's Rebellion was when numerous amounts of tribes tried to drive off the british and the colonists. This didn't work out well because of the guns the british had. This only happened because the colonists were building into the space of the indians.


Pontiac, or Obwandiyag (c. 1720 – April 20, 1769), was an Odawa war chief who became noted for his role in Pontiac's War (1763–1766), an American Indian struggle against British military occupation of the Great Lakes region and named for him.


The Gospel According to St. Mark, trans. Joseph Brant into Mohawk, . Studied at the Moor's Indian Charity School, preparing for King's College (Columbia) when Pontiac's War, a terrorist campaign against multiple Native American tribes, broke out in 1763. He fled to safety at his Mohawk village Canajoharie, NY Complete 1929 edition online, NYPL: See Joseph Brant,