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I voted for Trump because Hillary has no idea of the struggles we face as average Joe Blue Collar workers in small town USA. LOL

What Teddy Roosevelt Can Teach us about a Trump Presidency by Mark J. Stoddard | Meridian Magazine - | Once Trumpians finish rejoicing, Hillaryites walk away from the ledge, and McMullin’s wake up to reality, we all will wonder what kind of president will Trump be. Soothsaying without a history book is vain, so, in examining past presidents one president stands out as awfully similar to Donald Trump.

We have heard from both sides of the political spectrum how unique our political system is compared to history and even much of the world.

Truth be told.... Called Predatory Capitalism....

Be like that guy who knows....... Not for domesticated sheeple....

Well, well . . . it HAS to be. It can't be men's fault in any way!

So far, making America great again, seems to be getting rid of Medicare and appointin Nazis. I really need to Google "great."

A reminder that we all have to take the good with the bad...but dammit if I'm not still feeling the Bern.