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Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone - The New York Times | police car | police on duty guarding Governor in Northern Territory

Police Killed on Duty 2016 | on-duty police officers have been killed by gunfire already in 2016 ...

Poll: Should LA Police Chief be Relieved of Duty?

from Mail Online

Facebook video shows Chicago police officer stomping on man's head

Chicago Police Department confirmed Tuesday that the officer involved had been 'relieved of his police powers while the incident is investigated'.

During the Second World War, 1939-45, police manpower was again stretched to the limit. Many Metropolitan policemen had joined the armed forces, which led to the introduction of auxiliary police composed of re-engaged police pensioners; special constables sewing on a full-time basis; and men recruited for war service only known as War Reserve Police. Apart from normal police duties the force was called upon to enforce the "blackout"; combat the black market in goods, and help in the…


The Protection Police, Schutzpolizei, caught the Jew Julius Wolff and his Aryan girlfriend Christine Neemann for public humiliation because of Rassenschande (race defilement), Norden, 22 July 1935. The sign reads ~ "I am a defiler of the race". The Schutzpolizei was a branch of the Ordnungspolizei-ORPO, responsible for regular police duties within municipal cities and townships. In Jan 1934 the NSDAP reorganize all police authorities under direct Reich control. Heinrich Himmler was…