Police discretion

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Police Discretion

Maori disproprtionate police discretion for pre-charge warnings

Is it fair that police can choose whether or not to prosecute a person, even if they catch them committing an offence? This blog looks at police discretion in NSW.

How the lack of police ‘discretion’ killed Samuel Dubose and Sandra Bland - Peaceful resolution isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s the very purpose of policing.

Seattle police officer fired over arrest of an elderly black man for walking with a golf club

Hero Security Guard Defuses Hostage Situation Only to be Fatally Shot by Late Arriving Government Cops

In The Name Of "Public Safety" Mass Police Chiefs Want "Sole Discretion" On Who Owns Guns

Romans 13:4 Islamic Terrorist Pigs Beware "The Real Wrath Of God Is Coming For You"

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