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The other night when they decided to hack the Istilandan police database instead of wait for the Chief's reply. :3


Dismantled meaning they asasinated most of the leaders. No database to track police violence but Feds are now monitoring #blacklivesmatter organizers. Stay fucking WOKE fam. We're gonna need it.


Ohio cop uses police database to stalk his rape victim after she reports him: prosecutors


Cops Accused of Using Police Database to Spy on Women They Wanted to Date

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Illinois State Records and Chicago

Illinois State Records and Chicago| If you have ancestors from Illinois, the state archives have placed indexes of many of their records and collections online for searching by the public. The variety of departments is enormous. Some of the materials are from police, mining, banks, Civil War rosters, schools, Illinois Centennial, state legislative, World War I and II, veterans and others. Also search the database of Homicide in Chicago 1870-1930.


We have to swipe our license to buy Sudafed so that our gov't can keep track of how much we buy in case we want to stock pile to make meth. But, if you exchange the word "bullets" for "Sudafed" and "go on a rampage" for "make meth" people get all frothy at the mouth about our freedoms. The same people who are for the voter ID laws are against gun registration?!? Can you say hypocrisy? Not advocating stripping anyone of their right to bear arms, but we are advocating responsible ownership


In a despicable act of flexing one's blue privilege, an NYPD cop who planned to murder dozens of women, was set free by a judge.


DEATH BY ALGORITHM: SOFTWARE LABELS WHO IS A THREAT TO POLICE Database of citizens determines each person's threat level


Cops in CA Allegedly Abused Police Database to Spy on Tinder Matches

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913 People Have Been Shot Dead By Police This Year. Let's Talk About It

The Washington Post has been keeping track of every fatal police shooting this year. Wes Lowery, a national reporter for The Washington Post, was here to answer questions about the project. Check out the "Answered" tab to see all his comments!