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The founding fathers knew what they were talking about! Why do you think they say "if you don't know history then you are doomed to repeat it"? Think about what all those old saying mean! They were gifts from out ancestors!! History DOES repeat itself but an educated patriot can keep a watchful eye on his republic and protect it, Many will try to corrupt and steal it!!

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After months of investigation, the Miami Gardens Police Department has stripped a sergeant of his badge and gun, and barred him from the police department.

Even if Mike Brown really did rob that convenience store, I really don't give a shit. Why? Because he's dead now. Even if the cop had known that he was allegedly a robbery suspect, we would be having almost the exact same discussion. Why? Because he didn't deserve to get killed over that. Unarmed robbery does not equal death penalty.

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In a Police State... this is the NORM! It appears that many people are short term thinkers! We need to ask: Where do these so-called security measures end? #NSA #TSA #Tyranny

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Vintage photo from a 1971 Chicano demonstration against police brutality in East Los Angeles.

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It was cause Hillary was a lair,corrupt,name calling, police hating candidate and classified information meant nothing to her, if my son did a fraction of what she did, he would go to prison for very long time, saying it was a mistake and she wouldn't do it again meant nothing to me, if daffy duck was running against her I would had voted for daffy. my son is an MP for US Army it would had been stupid for me to vote for her.

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