- Customizable Maps of Switzerland and Poland and Swiss Per Capita GDP by Canton

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Apple's worth is now higher than gross domestic products of Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.

Ukraine vs Poland by GDP 1990-2012 | Reinis Fischer

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BALANCE :: Polish GDP on the rise 28.01.2016 21:00 | Фото: Glow Images/East News/polskieradio.pl | 160131,1122 CET RADIO POLAND

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Poland is the sixth largest economy in Europe and has enjoyed an average growth in their annual gross domestic product of 4.3% over the past decade. With a strong domestic market, low private debt and a flexible currency, Poland is the only European country to have avoided the financial recession in 2008.

In Europe, before the outbreak of the war, the Allies had significant advantages in both population and economics. In 1938, the Western Allies (United Kingdom, France, Poland and British Dominions) had a 30 percent larger population and a 30 percent higher gross domestic product than the European Axis (Germany and Italy); if colonies are included, it then gives the Allies more than a 5:1 advantage in population and nearly 2:1 advantage in GDP.

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