Quiet walk with my children by kori7hatsumine.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt (Luxray, Shinx and Marill)

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i just ;_; luxray is the best pokemon ever andi just, its so adorable, LOOK AT BABY SHINX

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Luxray—when I had Pokémon Platinum, I caught a Shinx and named it Shadowbolt and it eventually evolved into this by the fifth or fourth gym... Just what I needed. It was so powerful, and it totally helped my fire starter with water types when I was in trouble!!:

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Tags: Anime, Shiuka (Shiupiku), GAME FREAK, Nintendo, Inazuma Eleven GO, Pokémon, Shinx

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Instagram media by rebusalpa - Pokeapon No. 403 - Shinx. #pokemon #shinx #taser #pokeapon

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