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Cool Photoshop work showcasing where each of the six main Pokemon regions are based off of. I love how each are evenly divided and it gives a great feeling of how innovative Pokemon is.

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13 Things Only Gamer Girls Know To Be True

Not to mention Aperture Science, Gaurdia (past, present, and future), Tallon IV, and various Pokemon regions.

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I don't like Pokemon, but their outfits are awesome
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Pokemon Contest Hau and Moon

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Pokémon Sun & Moon Family!!!!♥

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In the coments Grunt B: lololololol Grunt A: And this kid fighting with her on the backround rotfl

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What Pokémon were on your team throughout your Alola Region Journey ? My team : Decidueye , Toucannon, Salazzle, Vikavolt, Kommo-o and Crabominable #WorldOfAsh #PokemonGO #Pokemon Visit us:

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Johto was the one I played over and over. Crystal was my favorite game. But, I can't deny Kanto is a classic.

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