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Poisonous plant and classic Witch garden flowers. All of these plant while lovely are indeed toxic. For more information read my book "Garden Witches Herbal". There you will find a chapter devoted to Gothic Witch Garden Plants. -Ellen Dugan


10 Common But Deadly Plants

Water Hemlock Most violent toxic plant in North America. Grows in meadows and along stream banks, it is the plant's roots that contain deadly sap that when touched or eaten, causes grand maul siezures and death.

Brush up on your Poison Ivy identification skills with this great infographic!

Quick Tip: Identifying Poison Ivy [INFOGRAPHIC] - Matt Dybedahl

In some November, some year, she took in Datura. And now November holds her while awake, in all the rest, she appears. #Datura didn't mean to cast the hex; if managed by a practiced witch, Datura's toxicity can be muted or prevented while its benefits can be felt. To find her, try the Gryffindor linen closet at Hogwarts.


Monkshood: Aconitum nagarum, dark purple form. I can't pin down a variety or a source for seeds, sadly. You will have to do a bit of sleuthing if you want one. Excellent for a poison garden; not so good if you have kids around.


Guys mandrake is actually real, I feel so stupid. I thought it was a made up plant. I am so stupid

Poisonous Plants Illustration - book plate - 1930s

Deadly Nightshade Art Print

Deadly Nightshade, print from Society 6. Part of the Poisonous Plants series by Britt Wilson.