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Poetic Devices List

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Teaching How-To Writing, Part 2!

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16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained By Disney

16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained by Disney. For instance? There is dramatic irony in the Lion King, as Simba thinks he killed his father, yet the audience knows that Scar really did it. Going to print these out and hang in my classroom


Spice up your poetry unit by hosting a Poetry Slam. Students will love engaging with poetry in this new way! This freebie includes a classroom-tested timeline, links to examples, and a worksheet to get your students analyzing.

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Metaphor/Simile Sorts and Practice

If you are looking for a practical way students can practice recognizing similes and metaphors in context with a quick and easy format, this is it. There are two sorts to cut and glue as well as a page to identify, explain, and illustrate a metaphor and a simile.

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Simile Center Activity, Figurative Language

Simile Center Activity for small groups or independent literacy station work during guided reading. Students read a sentence with a simile in it and record what it means. Next they choose similes from a list and write their own sentences.

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Poetry Writing - Free Verse Creative

Poetry Writing: Kids create free verse poems that are breath-taking display pieces. Creative, divergent thinking pops off the page. Complete writer’s workshop lessons—16 in all—will build poetry step-by-step. Lists, charts and examples support each lesson. For K - 5; Chocolate.


A Week-Long Poetry Unit

Poetry tools anchor chart: helpful list of elements that students could incorporate into their poetry


Print these on cardstock (or paper), fold in half, and let your students go wild with this annotation device. It lists 26 poetic devices and allows lined space to record the textual evidence.I have also included a couple of different techniques for annotation.Enjoy this freebie.