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“I don’t pay attention to the world Ending. It has ended for me many Times and began again in the morning.” — Nayyirah Waheed

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This is it ! Everything I want you know about how feel and the man, husband, partner, soulmate, lover, friend I want to be for you for all of eternity. I promise you. I love you baby

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:Sometimes I wonder if this kind of love is still out there. Because if someone can write poems about love that are so enticing and beautiful. It's hard not to believe that this kind of love exists

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Let's run away together... first to Paris and then.... wherever we want. Dream and hope for when we can. 8)

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pinterest: cynthia_go | cynthia go, quotes, poetry, love poem, heartbreak quotes, love quotes, breakup quotes, quotes about him, writings, tumblr quotes

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