For my daughters - our magnificent creations that you both are. Unconditional love. Period.

Letters to my daughter, should I ever have one - Typewriter Poem by Tyler Kent White

Adult Mother And Daughter Relationships|Message For My Daughter|-- This statement is so true as far as I'm concerned. I always tell my daughter, that she'll always be my little girl.

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For my daughter lindabollow signs posters

For my daughter, i love you babygirl your the best thing that ever happened to me ive learned to love a love a never knew til you were placed in my arms. I LOVE YOU!

daughter appy birthday verse | For My Daughter" (#28) A Touching 8x10 Poem, Double-matted in ...

"For My Daughter" ( A Touching Poem, Double-matted in Burgundy Over Dark Green And Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics. A Gift For A Daughter.

Available as a poster, "When tomorrow starts without me."  Someone found this poem clipping in their mother's bible after she died.

(Miss you Dad.this reminds me of you--)When tomorrow starts without me. I found this poem clipping in my Mother's bible after she died.

We love you so much Zephyr and though our time with you was far too short we are so grateful for the time we did have with you. Our precious little gift from God how we miss and love you so you are our beautiful little boy forever loved and greatly missed; we wish that you were still here!!! Many XOXOXO's to you in heaven above! We look forward to the day we can be a family again.

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♡ Our love always true precious ~

My love for you son ~ Robbie and Mom forever