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Helen Soros works the new pneumatic tube system to take cash at Marshall Fields store in Chicago, November 1947

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Underground Mail Road; Modern Plans for All-but-Forgotten Delivery System

The New York City Pneumatic Mail System delivered mail through 27 miles of pressurized tubes from 1898 to 1918.

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How New Yorkers sent a cat through the mail in pneumatic tubes over a hundred years ago - and inspired Elon Musk's revolutionary Hyperloop

Over a century before the Hyperloop was a sparkle in Elon Musk's mind, a revolutionary series of high-tech pneumatic tubes shot capsules of mail around New York City - just feet below the bustling sidewalk.

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A fascinating, if arguably overlong, look at one of the Internet’s precursors — London’s 19th-century system of pneumatic tubes. It was a quicker way to transmit telegrams within the city, and eventually included 85 miles of tubes, pushing cylinders with messages using compressed air. There is talk of using them today, since the system is more secure than a digital network. —Quentin Hardy, Deputy Technology Editor

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Pneumatic tubes, like those used by Winston, were actually used in the late 19th and early 20th century

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An advertisement with Heineken and Pneumatic Tube Systems

That Time People Sent a Cat Through the Mail Using Pneumatic Tubes

That Time People Sent a Cat Through the Mail Using Pneumatic Tubes - "The Cat in the Canister": It's like a Dr. Seuss story, only it actually happened.

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