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hanging "frame" for poster or fabric print, etc... made with 2 1x2' boards each top and bottom, hole drilled at each end with screw/bolt thru, plus washer on front if want, add bit of cardboard or sticky tape, etc, between boards as buffering...long piece of twine with open loop tied at each end slipped over bolt between boards...tighten and hang

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9499849188128680 An infinite number of color and texture combinations. The Designed Exterior helps to show the possibilities with materials that will give your house a custom look. Via Ply Gem

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Vintage Fortune Teller Sign, painted onto ply board. She is a noble from a land that's borders no longer exist once called Mercia she fell in love at a carnival and secretly ran away. Now every carnival she marvels at what has changed and what has not.

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"how about a sideboard with white pegboard doors? this one’s designed by leanne culy and made by local hawkes bay cabinet maker, from home base collections."

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Hunting for advice in relation to wood working? has these things!
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Ikea KALLAX , 10mm ply board, longer legs, and KALLAX doors and stain Teck of Java (Satin) ikea-upright-bookcases-now-mid-century-modern-sideboards.html#OADQyqULBzBqsJ48.99

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BUILD A CAT YARD FOR AN INDOOR CAT! Measure the size of the yard you prefer. Use 2 x 4's to frame, a ply board base, line with heavy plastic, fill with dirt & sod, & water well! Great for cats who have a confined outside world such as a balcony (provide access through a cat door). Your cat will NOT go to the bathroom in their yard. Cats prefer loose litter! They're the ultimate animal of cleanliness! No, the torti cat is not going to the bathroom! She's experiencing grass for the first…

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Rabbit Pelt Instructional, the old way. And the best way.After you skin the rabbits, lay the furs down on a wood ply board, wet side up.-Nail the furs to the ply board.- scrape any excess fat off the skin. ( You can scape fairly hard, the rabbit skin is quite tough.)- Salt the skins. Add good layer of salt.- Stow skin board in a dry place away from direct sunlight, and away from dogs and cats. They love to eat salted rabbit pelts.When the skins are dry in a week, they will be cr

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