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It's not about what size you wear Big curvy plus size women are beautiful! fashion curves real women accept your body body consciousness

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#quotes *disclaimer* If you disagree with my pin do yourself a favor and skip it and not comment. I really don't want to make this a skinny girl vs curvy girl feud. The media has set the standard on what beauty should look and feel like. Alot of plus size women have been looked over because of their appearance. Maybe if people give them a chance they could be sweet like everyone else.

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Curves R beautiful quote big curvy plus size women are beautiful! Body consciousness accept your body real women

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I'm fat. So what? It's funny...those who kindly point out that someone is fat (as if they didn't already realize they were fat) are the very ones who are....well, just not so pleasing to the eye. If a woman is truly beautiful she can be fat or thin, and still be beautiful. But if a woman is just unattractive...fat or thin she's a mess :/ I think it bothers some to see confident women!:

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I think it's good to care about your health, but I just get so sick of these pretentious gym nuts that can credit most of there fitness on genetics and unnatural've got your own problems too, so humble yourself before I smack that protein shake into your face

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Blondellamy'Dean is a boutique just for Curvy Girls. Sizes 10-36. Use coupon code: pin10 for 10% off your first purchase.

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Love the Warhol quote, but what's wrong with keeping your eyes open when falling in love and finding external beauty in the very "imperfections" that makes each of us an individual? Description from I searched for this on

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