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Doubles plus and minus one using number bonds

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Doubles plus and minus one using number bonds

Cute Pet: Pete the cat color book for practicing color and counting. The clipart used is available on my store Pete the cat clip art ...

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Doubles Plus One and Minus One {Anchor Chart}

Use this chart to give your students the visuals they need to remember quick tricks for mental math. Knowledge of doubles facts is important for mental math.

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this is so me .......... and seriously that steam from the coffee just gets stuck on my glasses and it takes it almost a minute to get cleared .and that literally sucks

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Potatoes O’Brien

Potatoes O’Brien is a classic side dish dating back to the early 1900’s made from fried, diced potatoes, plus red and green bell peppers and other seasonings.

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An addition strategy for kids. "Adding doubles plus or minus 1" strategy worksheet. Questions like 8 + 7 and 11+12 could be easily answered using the doubles plus or minus one strategy.

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Snowball Addition Winter Math Activity

Snowball Addition Winter Math Activity-Use this as a hands-on way to teach basic math facts. We practiced learning doubles and modeling doubles plus one and doubles minus one.

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