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Plexiglass For Sale

Asian Is Not Oriental by Sherrie Thai. Based on subject of Asian/Asian-American stereotypes in mass media. Inspiration/title taken from poem "Asian is Not Oriental". Patterned plexiglass cover shows distorted view of the letter "Y" & suggests cultural distortion. Y, 1st letter of the word "Yellow", an adjective sometimes used to negatively describe Asians. Refers to Yellow Journalism & a time @ turn of the century when there was greater discrimination towards Asians. Coptic binding.


How To Work A Room [Infographic]

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I really like the style of this magazine stand, i think its minimal looking but chic at the same time because of its transparency. I think that the stand will work well to display the magazine because it will really stand out.

from Etsy

Acrylic Wedding Invitations in Clear Engraved Plexiglass 5x7"


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