How to repurpose a pack and play! Cut the mesh from one side, cover the top with a fitted sheet, put in some blankets and a few throw pillows and you have a nice reading spot, a cute tent, or a portable toddler bed.
Great idea for when they get older.
Hex Cloud: Revolutionary baby playpen | Indiegogo
The ultimate playpen / play yard/ baby gate / living room baby hangout safe zone!
Outdoor exploration table. There are a lot of wonderful pictures and open-ended play ideas here!
Kids play area.... since we don't have space for an actual playroom.
DIY Ball Pit with PVC Pipes
Baby play space made from a play pen
What a nifty idea! Use this for keeping sand out of your belongings too.
Satefy 1st Safe Stages Play Yard - Black Ice PY370CYG
Baby pool play pen! This was the perfect idea when our baby started crawling and now it's perfect for her to practice walking around the edges! Baby proof, crash proof!   Make sure you buy one that has thick walls, ours is a initex that's 22 inches tall (off amazon)! Should contain her for a while!
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics
From the March/April 2011 edition of "Inside Out" magazine. Styling by Lara Hutton. Photography by Sam McAdam-Cooper.