I remember someone from school having a Gameboy really early on. On a school trip to London we all huddled round to watch him play Tetris (we had an inferior version on our PC) and Alleyway. It took years to get one for myself. Then it got thieved. I think.

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Trying to kick cravings to the curb? Play Tetris. That’s the takeaway from a new health study published in the journal Appetite.

When it's nicely arranged, it looks really good, on a porch or even inside! I'll have to find a bunch of crates and try something like that.

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Block Play - Tetris for kids, fantastic for problem solving on Rainy Day Mum So need to get these blocks!!

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Play tetris on a Tshirt - Here is a project I just finished, just in time for the 30th anniversary of Tetris. a T-Shirt you can play. with an arduino uno, 4 AA batteries and 128 LEDs. I always wanted a playable Tshirt, well now I made one myself. based on the pumpktris from instructables. let this run in the background for music :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmCCQ...

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