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Areca Palm good for privacy around pool areas. Call for an estimate for your pool area 727-647-2386


Plants mosquitoes hate! We plant lemon grass in large pots around the patio.

love the fence around pool and the flower beds

Aggies are so hardy, so great for around the pool. Can take with you when you move.


Bamboo - While the old running bamboo received a bad reputation for creeping and spreading into neighbouring properties, the new cultivars such as slender weavers (Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’) are what’s called ‘clumping’ bamboos. Clumping bamboos don’t spread like the old style and will only clump and thicken up directly around the base of the plant.

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Plants for Pool Landscaping

Plants for Pool Landscaping - no pool here, just love the look of these plants in a grouping.

Great container plants for around the pool.


Full size picture of Oriental Fountain Grass 'Karley Rose' (<i>Pennisetum orientale</i>)