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What an awesome spring science project for kids! Make a DIY sprout house. Great way to teach kids about growing plants and it's perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade or second grade.


Plant Science Experiment Inspired by Peter Rabbit

Which plant will grow the best? Try this plant science experiment inspired by The Tale of Peter Rabbit


More Plant Science: Regrowing Vegetables from Scraps


Botany for Kids: Flower Dissection

Botany for Kids: This simple science activity for kids doubles as a gorgeous flower craft and provides some floral fine motor skills - this flower dissection is simple to set up and gets kids interested in botany!


Plants we eat anchor chart or pocket chart! This would be a great visual for our preschool kiddos but I would use realistic visuals for each one.

Seed experiment #5: What liquids help seeds grow

Teach kids about the needs of seeds with this seed experiment that answers the question: "What liquids help seeds to grow?" Part 5 in a series of seed experiments from Gift of Curiosity


Experiment: How Deep Should You Plant a Seed?

Hands-on Science Experiments for Kids: Have you ever wondered how deep you should plant a seed to get the best growth? In this experiment, you can use a root viewer to watch seeds grow, make predictions and collect data. From An Everyday Story: Inquiry-based Homeschooling