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These Watercolor Tattoos Are The Prettiest Things You'll See All Day


Done by Paul at Planet Ink Extreme in Ottawa ON In the short amount of time I’ve been alive, I’ve been through a lot, abuse, manipulation, mental illness, self harm and other things. All of this has been really hard on me, but it’s made me who I am today: a survivor, among many others. I got this tattoo to remind myself when things get bad that if I can get through everything else I’ve been through, I can get through what’s troubling me in the moment.


my first and second stick and poke. just sorta practice. That little dot? its a stick and poke. There was a Friends episode where phoebe and rachel go to get tatts but phoebe gets too scared and only gets a dot. She then says “its the world but from like very very far away.” I guess you could say i have the whole world in  my hands. sorry for stupid long explanation


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