Call me crazy but... If technology gets to the point where Space Shuttle flights are as common as airplane flights, I will be the first to buy a ticket just to see the Earth from space and experience zero gravity.

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From "Early Beast of Man" story by Marshall and Christine Hughey on Storify —

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Learning to be the axis for the world to revolve around me and not me revolve around the world with too many expectations. #lornajane #myactiveyear

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Planet Earth BBC Video DVD -- Watching these from beginning to end is what really caused me to get serious about conservation.

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Go Green! Go ECrent! Come to our website at to rent or rent out the items. Protect our environment! Great to start a (small) business, or to save/make some money! We all own something we can rent out

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This brings me a sense of awe, as I think of my small place in this world, as well as, the beauty that is earth, along with everything in it.

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